The Colonial Murder Mystery

What and When…?

The Colonial Murder Mystery

is set in 1857 just after the Eureka Stockade, at a shares issue dinner of the newly formed Victorian Gold Company.

The evening is driven by the clients themselves, aided by their written instructions and secret cues given by the host.

The entire event takes 2 1/2 to 3 hours to complete. The guests aid in the solving of the mystery and prizes are awarded for the best sleuthing and the best performances.

The fun is that nobody knows who is going to die next and who is not what they seem. That and a generous amount of cross dressing, impromptu speechifying, scandalous revelation, singing, dancing, gunfights, stabbings and poisonings; generally creates a very enjoyable event.

Your clients will not see each other in exactly the same light the next morning: They will have slightly richer view of their colleagues.


How Does It All Work…?

The event runs as follows:

At the end of the day the clients return to their rooms to find a costume, props and character instructions laid out for them. Including an invitation to a dinner and pre dinner drinks.
I’d give them at least an hour to organize themselves and get dressed; I will be on hand to make last minute adjustments.

Pre dinner drinks should be at least half an hour to an hour, at this point I introduce the characters and give any private instructions.
From there we proceed to dinner (suggest three course set menu) whereupon the plot unfolds with much murder and mayhem between the courses.


What Do I Have To Do…?

If you decide

to go ahead with the event I will send you a template for information regarding each participant.

The information includes: Name, sex, age, size etc. The section concerning personality type is basically to enable me to decide which character to assign to which participant. Whether someone is extroverted or introverted, loud, swears, has a particular nick-name, hobby or fetish is all grist to the creative mill. Of particular interest is whether some of the more out-going would cross-dress.

Give me as many potential cross dressers as possible. I am not into embarrassing people, I am very gentle.

Obviously, such information is treated as highly confidential and destroyed as soon as the event is finalised.

I will need this information at least a week before the event to organise costumes etc.

What they say

”It was great to see everyone dressed in his or her costumes and willing to participate in the fun and frivolity.”

How it Works

At the end of the day the clients return to their rooms to find a costume, props and character instructions laid out for them.